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Wedding Photographer Surrey
Wedding photographer Surrey

Wedding Photographer Surrey | Only £80/Hour

Affordable Surrey Wedding Photographer Start from £80/Hour: affordable wedding videography Start from £100/ Hour

Wedding photographer Surrey

Affordable Wedding Photography & Videography  Surry 

Wedding Photographer in Surrey

Wedding photographer in Surrey are essential for making your wedding day memorable. Their skills and training ensure that every moment is captured authentically and beautifully. Whether it's the exchange of vows, the first dance, or the candid laughter shared with loved ones, our photographer in Surrey has the expertise to document it all.

What sets our wedding photographer apart is their ability to tell a story through their lens. They understand the importance of capturing the big moments and the small, intimate details that make your day unique. From the tender glances between the newlyweds to the joyful celebrations with family and friends, our photographers have a keen eye for capturing the true essence of your wedding day.

Moreover, our photographer in Surrey are versatile, adept at adapting to different environments and lighting conditions to ensure stunning results. Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, day or night, you can trust our photographers to deliver exceptional photographs that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

In essence, wedding photographers in Surrey play a vital role in preserving the memories of your special day. With their skills, training, and passion for storytelling, they ensure that your wedding day is captured in all its beauty and emotion.

Surrey Wedding Photographer

Picking the perfect affordable Surrey wedding photographer, UK, who will document your special day is very important. Choose creativity, and high quality at a budget wedding uk. HOBS FILMS ensures you get the best Surrey wedding photographer and videographer for your big day.

Wedding Photography & Videography Packages and prices

We offer affordable wedding photography and videography prices in Surrey and beyond, from 2 to 10 hours. Whether you're getting married in Surrey or elsewhere in the UK, we'll be there to provide you with beautiful memories that highlight the special moments of your special day.

 Our wedding photography price and videography are £80 per hour for photography and £100 per hour for videography, a fraction of what other UK wedding photographers charge. 


Our affordable wedding photography packages range from £160 for 2 hours up to £800 for 10 hours of coverage, plus a £100 booking fee to secure your date.

If you're looking for combined photography and videography, packages start at £450 for 2 hours, with a £100 booking fee, and £1450 for up to 10 hours of coverage.


We believe wedding photography and videography in Surrey should be accessible to everyone. That's why HOBS FILMS was established: to provide affordable wedding photography and videography that allow every couple to get the customisation they need. 

Our complete package includes unlimited photos, a cinematic wedding film, and a highlight video, shot using Sony cameras, a Steadicam, a gimbal, and lighting equipment, with MP4 files delivered as a digital download. Explore our range of packages to find the right fit for your special day.

Wedding photographer Surrey

Congratulations to Aaminah & Imran

Wedding photographer Surrey
Wedding photographer Surrey

Affordable Surrey Wedding Photographer

Affordable Surry Wedding Photographer captures stunning photography and videography across cultures: English, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, African, Arab, etc.