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Muslim Wedding Photography & Videography
Muslim Wedding Photography London

Muslim Wedding Photography London

Affordable Muslim wedding photography Start from £80/Hour: affordable Muslim Wedding videography Start from £100/ Hour

Muslim Wedding Photography & Videography

Muslim Wedding Photography and Videography in London

HOBS FILMS offers professional Muslim wedding photography and videography in London, UK that are affordable to everyone, We offer a range of flexible nikkah wedding and micro wedding photography prices and packages for couples that like simplicity. Our fees are considerably lower than those of other respected professional wedding photographers and videographers.

We offer Muslim wedding photography and videography services from 2 to 10 hours. Whether you're getting married in London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or anywhere else in the UK, we'll provide you with beautiful memories highlighting your big day's special moments.

Muslim Wedding Photographer Prices and Packages

 Our Muslim wedding photography prices are  £80 per hour for photography and £100 per hour for videography. We aim to offer competitive rates that are extremely lower than what many other respected UK wedding photographers charge.

We believe wedding photography and videography should be accessible to everyone. That's why HOBS FILMS was established to provide affordable wedding photography and videography that allow every couple to get the customization they need. 

Our Muslim wedding photography packages range start at £160 for 2 hours, and  £800 for up to 10 hours of coverage, plus a £100 booking fee to secure your date.

If you're looking to combine photography and videography, packages start at £450 for 2 hours, with a £100 booking fee, and  £1450 for up to 10 hours of coverage. Our complete package includes Unlimited photos, cinematic wedding film, and a highlight video, shot using Sony cameras, Steadicam, gimbal, and lighting equipment, with MP4 files delivered as a digital download. Explore our range of packages to find the right fit for your special day.

To fully enjoy and appreciate the highest quality of our wedding photography and videography services, simply follow these steps:

1- Select your preferred package and secure your booking by paying the £100 booking fee.

2- A week before your wedding day, kindly settle the remaining package fee.
3- On your special day, our team will be present and ready to capture moments one hour before the scheduled time.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that you receive the best experience from our wedding photography and videography services.

We understand that your big day will involve a lot of planning and may be very expensive.

HOBS FILMS offers affordable Muslim wedding photography and videography  Check out our packages to choose from.

Muslim Wedding Photographer Luton Dunstable Bedfordshire

Muslim Wedding Photography London

Congratulations to Aaminah & Imran

Muslim Wedding Photography London

Congratulations to Issa & Leena

Muslim Wedding Photography London

Muslim Wedding Photography & Videography 
We Craft Your Day 

As a Muslim wedding photographer in London, I've had the privilege of documenting numerous Mehndi, Nikkah, and Walima ceremonies. Each occasion has been a celebration of festivity and religious harmony, showcasing the deep bonds within Muslim families and the elegance of their traditions.

Muslim weddings are characterized by their rich cultural heritage and the beautiful blend of religious customs with joyous festivities. From the intricate gowns and ornate jewels worn by the bride to the vibrant customs and traditions, every aspect of these ceremonies exudes a sense of royalty and simplicity.

Capturing the essence of Muslim weddings is a true delight for me as a photographer.


The attention to detail, the vibrancy of the events, and the sheer cheerfulness of the celebrations make for stunning photographic moments. From the Mehndi-adorned hands to the exchange of vows during the Nikkah ceremony, each moment is filled with emotion and significance.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Muslim wedding photographer in London is witnessing the unity and love shared by families and friends. The warmth and connection that permeate these events create an atmosphere of joy and togetherness that is truly inspiring to capture through my lens.

Despite the grandeur of the ceremonies, there is a sense of humility and sincerity that shines through in every aspect of a Muslim wedding. Whether it's the heartfelt prayers during the Nikkah or the sharing of traditional dishes during the Walima, there is a profound sense of reverence and appreciation that infuses these celebrations.

As a photographer, my goal is to capture the beauty, emotion, and cultural richness of each moment, keeping memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. I believe that every couple deserves to have beautiful and meaningful photographs of their special day, which is why I aim to offer affordable Muslim wedding photography services that are accessible to all.

Whether it's a small and intimate gathering or a lavish affair, I am committed to providing couples with high-quality Muslim wedding photography that captures the essence of their love story. It's an honor for me to be entrusted with documenting these precious moments, and I approach each wedding with care, professionalism, and a genuine passion for storytelling.

Muslim Wedding Photography London
Cinematic Videography For Muslim Weddings