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London Wedding Photographer | Only £80/Hour

Cheap Wedding Photography Starting at £80 Per Hour: Affordable Budget Videography Starting at £100 Per Hour

HOBS FILMS At £80/hr London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding
Photographers & Videographers

HOBS FILMS offers professional wedding photography and videography services that are affordable to everyone, We offer a range of flexible and micro wedding photography packages for couples that like simplicity. Our fees are considerably lower than those of other respected professional wedding photographers and videographers.

Based in London, we offer photography and videography services from 2 to 10 hours. Whether you're getting married in London, or anywhere else in the UK, we'll be there to provide you with beautiful memories that highlight the special moments of your big day.

London Wedding
Photography & Videography Prices

Our packages are £80 per hour for photography and £100 per hour for videography, a fraction of what other UK wedding photographers charge.

We believe wedding photography and videography should be accessible to everyone. That's why HOBS FILMS was established to provide affordable wedding photography and videography that allow every couple to get the customization they need. 

Our approach as wedding photographers and videographers in London and beyond is embedded in ethics, clarity, and affordability.

To fully enjoy and appreciate the highest quality of our wedding photography and videography services, simply follow these steps:

1- Select your preferred package and secure your booking by paying the £100 booking fee.

2- A week before your wedding day, kindly settle the remaining package fee.
3- On your special day, our team will be present and ready to capture moments one hour before the scheduled time.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that you receive the best experience from our wedding photography and videography services.

We understand that your big day will involve a lot of planning and may be very expensive.

HOBS FILMS offers affordable wedding videos and photos. Check out our packages to choose from.

HOBS FILMS At £80/hr London Wedding Photographer

Affordable Asian Wedding Photographer 

Congratulations to Issa & Leena

HOBS FILMS At £80/hr London Wedding Photographer

London Wedding Photographer Costs And Prices
Start From £160

We stand out as the lowest photographers and videographers for wedding services in London and beyond. our unique approach to capturing the core of English, Asian, and African weddings.

We have gained recognition for our reasonable prices and the high quality work that we deliver for our clients, we have dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional service and careful attention to detail through our photography and videography, to ensure special moments are well documented in an aesthetic way.

HOBS FILMS At £80/hr London Wedding Photographer